6 Ways To Stay In Shape While On Vacation

how to stay in shape while on vacation

The health and mental benefits of taking a few days each year to get away from the rat race that has become our daily lives is unparalleled. One other way of maintaining a well-balanced, healthy, and happy lifestyle is keeping physically fit.

Now, exercising is not just about weight reduction; studies have shown that regularly engaging in physical activity can lower the risk of developing certain diseases. Most of us have either taken up a gym membership or use at home workout programs to reap the long term health benefits and get that vacation-ready body.

As a result, we end up worrying about reversing all the hard work we put in at the gym or with home workout routines while on vacation, and this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are many ways to maintain your fitness gains while on vacation, but I have taken the liberty to highlight the six most important ones.

1. Develop a meal plan

I know, this isn’t something you want to think about on your vacation, but it plays a crucial role in maintaining your exercise gains. So, how does this work? Well, for starters (pun intended) if you are staying in an Airbnb while on vacation you can shop for groceries and prepare your own meals instead of eating out.

For those staying in hotels, you can always opt for existing low carb menu options offered in all restaurants and carry some healthy snacks with you that will keep your hands off the mini bar.

You can also request for your meals to be prepared in a specific way to reduce the fat and calorie content in the food when eating out. Another way of maintaining your fitness is by packing a few healthy snacks for the plane, and your vacation adventures will ensure you remain satiated and help you refrain from later choosing unhealthy food options.

2. Be Active

Staying active on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean making and following an actual exercise timetable. You can get your cardio in by taking a walking tour, snorkelling, swimming with the turtles and much more. Engaging in adventure type activities is a sure-fire way of burning calories and staying in shape while on vacation.

Also, there is nothing wrong with going on a morning run or a swim while on vacation, especially if you’re doing this within the hotel grounds where it is safe.

Additionally, staying active throughout your vacation will help burn extra calories you may be consuming during the day.

3. Find a local gym

The idea of finding and actually going to a gym while on vacation may seem a tad bit excessive to some but it happens to by a life hack in disguise.

You see, adhering to a daily gm schedule will let you burn a ton of calories and this, in turn, gives you a pass to overeat during meals.

It is therefore important to choose a hotel or Airbnb that is located near some well-reviewed gyms when planning your vacation.

Proximity is vital in this case to ensure commitment, and you can add a little cardio by walking to and from the premises.

4. Be realistic

No one expects you to maintain your daily nutritional lifestyle while on vacation. Let’s be honest, even your workout routine won’t be the same. So, take advantage of the fact that you are visiting a new place and try out local delicacies even if they are not the healthiest options.

Enjoying yourself should be the priority, and when you don’t stress yourself about maintaining a healthy routine, you will find that the desire to exercise and or eat right will come naturally.

Remember, you don’t have to deny yourself delicious foods just because of the calorie count, try moderation instead of missing out on a good time.

5. Always carry a snack

Losing track of time or lack of access to food when engaging in fun activities is a common occurrence while on vacation. Some of the exotic locations will be far away from the five-star restaurants that you will find near your hotel or Airbnb. Having a decent snack with you like protein bars, nuts, and trail mix in times like this is crucial and will stop you from consuming too many calories when you do finally get a chance to eat.

6. Staying Hydrated

Most of us plan for vacations in warmer countries, and this increases the chances of dehydration since our bodies aren’t used to such conditions. You, therefore, need to consume enough fluids during the day, or you will end up binge eating since most times our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. Also, drinking water supports protein synthesis, and this allows you to maintain body mass.

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