Which Type Of Exercise Gives You The Best Long Term Benefits

Have you been seeing wrinkles around your eyes? Or liver spots on your back? Or maybe it’s the white hair that has got you worried. These can obviously be signs of aging. And for some, aging can be a devastating process to the natural beauty contained in every human being. But for others, their worry can be much worse. Most of us fear for our health, and as our cells die out, we wonder; which exercise gives you the best long-term benefits?

Hence, for your convenience, we have compiled a detailed list of three types of exercises that can improve your overall health in the long run.

1. Cardio

Why Choose Cardio?

Cardiovascular exercises have been proven to improve the strength of your heart and lungs and can affect your overall metabolism. A cardio exercise, as the name suggests, increases heart rate and overall stamina. Exercises which come under the heading of cardio are running on solid ground or on the treadmill, walking, swimming, jumping rope, cycling, sports, tennis, football, and numerous others which require prolonged movement of the body muscles and locomotion.

Why cardio? Cardio can help boost your overall stamina and provide the extra energy required to execute common everyday tasks and most importantly for lifting heavy weights or increasing the body’s capacity to withstand stress.

Not only that but regular cardio exercises, even something as simple as taking a stroll in the park in the morning, can be effective in the long run. These exercises can shape up your overall health and can ensure that you still feel young and energetic even as you age.

Cardio also helps well when it comes to losing weight. Doing a HIIT session twice weekly is enough to get those calories burning. Throw in a fat burner like Ultra Omega Burn whose main ingredient is Omega 7 and you’ll dropping fats effectively.


Cardiovascular exercises have the following benefits:

  • Diseases like high cholesterol, blood pressure, and minor heart attacks can be avoided easily
  • These exercises can increase the metabolism and help keep you in shape
  • Cardiovascular exercises have been known to induce the healthy release of hormones, such as oxytocin, dopamine, and many others
  • Cardio is very beneficial for diabetic athletes as well
  • These exercises increase the flow of blood to the skin
  • Increases the working capacity of the muscles


Although getting into the routine of regular cardiovascular exercises can be tricky and may require surplus determination and dedication, once performed, cardio exercises can be a definite plus to your everyday life and can preserve your energy even as you age.

2. Weight Training

Why Choose Weight Training

Weight training is perhaps the most challenging yet the most effective exercise in your workout routine. Weight training can be defined as the utilization of heavyweights, like dumbbells, to strengthen the muscles and to provide more stamina and mass. Although a bit challenging at first, weight training can be a breeze if stuck to on a daily basis.

Weight training has numerous benefits. The most obvious one is the increased strength of the muscles. The strength can not only make your body healthier and stronger but also maintain the strength and energy for long-term purposes.

Weight training is best done at a gym, where weights of all shapes and sizes are available at a low cost. But if you can’t afford a gym membership it is best to perform these exercises at home with resistance bands or store-bought dumb/barbells. The best part about weight training is that not only shape up your muscles but also provide you with good bone density which is important for women to combat osteoporosis.


Weight training exercises have the following long-term effects:

  • Increases your physical work capacity, and can help you perform tedious tasks
  • Improves bone density and strength as you age
  • Reduces fat, thereby decreasing your risk to an overweight life
  • Helps the body perform better by strengthening tendons, muscles
  • Reduces depression and over consciousness, and various other mental disorders


While weight training can be tedious and cumbersome, it is always best to start with a plan and get on the go with this exercise. Weight training is very beneficial for the muscles.

3. Yoga

Why Choose Yoga

We’ve all heard of yoga. Yoga is defined as a set of breathing and meditation exercises originating from the Hindus. Yoga provides relaxation and mental stability as well as affect your physical health. Yoga is the best way to relax the mind and the body and to ensure you a healthy and enhanced lifestyle. Yoga exercises are the best at relieving stress and can improve breathing, heart conditions, and body flexibility.

Yoga exercises are convenient as they can be done easily at home. The facilities needed are just a soft mat and maybe even a few yoga balls, and that’s it. They require nothing more than your dedication and can have immediate as well as everlasting effects on your mental and physical state.

It is best to get a trainer or join a training program to get the most out of this exercise.


Yoga exercises can affect your lifestyle in the following ways:

  • Increase breathing capacity and provide better heart conditions
  • Relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and muscle tension and fatigue
  • Mental and physical peace can be achieved as well as all the benefits of meditation
  • Increased flexibility and better body shape
  • Helps fight against the decreased strength that is an indicator of aging


Yoga exercises require a minimal amount of supplies and are best at improving both mental and physical performance. Yoga exercises are perhaps the most relaxing exercises that can help you get the best out of your routine.

Final Words

Of the three exercises mentioned above, all three of them, when practiced together on a daily basis, can prove beneficial in the long run and can help fight against the adversities of old age. While weight training can be beneficial in a number of ways, it mostly just provides strength and bulkiness. Weight training burns lesser calories than cardiovascular exercises but is required just as much. As for yoga, it burns not only more calories but also reduces muscle and mental stress and can have more benefits in the long run.

Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle is important. However, do not forget that you can never out-train a bad diet. Make sure you are eating healthy and not on some crash or fad diet. Garbage in = Garbage out.

Above all, we declare yoga as the winner. Yoga not only improves strength and muscle capabilities but also affect your mental health in numerous ways. While we declare yoga as the winner, it is certain that the other two are definitely not losers.


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