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This Ultra Omega Burn review will outline everything you need to know about this weight loss supplement. The ingredients of this product will be discussed, who should use this product, as well as the pros and cons of Ultra Omega Burn. This product is designed for those who want to lose weight, but it’s also appealing to those who are also health-conscious and want to get more out of their supplement. That being said, let’s dive into the review!

What Is Ultra Omega Burn and How Does It Work?

Ultra-Omega Burn is primarily based on a single ingredient: palmitoleic acid. Palmitoleic acid is also known as an Omega 7 fatty acid, and this is where part of the product’s name is derived from. There are tons of information about Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids out there, which are commonly known as fish oil and flaxseed oil, respectively. However, information about Omega 7 isn’t always at the forefront when it comes to nutritional supplements.

Omega 7 can be obtained in a variety of ways in nature, but the most common food to find it in is probably Macadamia nuts. If you have been consuming Macadamia nuts on a regular basis, you’ve been getting Omega 7, but probably not enough to make a huge difference.

This is why supplements exist. Like with Omega 3, people might consume seafood semi-regularly, but not as much as people in countries in Asia. They may be getting some Omega 3, but possibly a negligible amount. This is why fish oil is so popular.

How Omega 7 works, and therefore, this product, involves its interactions with stored fat cells. Research shows that Omega 7 encourages fat burning as well as converting this burnt fat into energy. Delving further into this, the processes in which this works is actually more complex than it sounds.

Further scientific research shows that palmitoleic acid actually plays a part in communicating with the molecules that affect our weight.

Observations have shown that the Omega 7 fatty acid can be supplied to enzymes to aid in the process of fat oxidation. Besides fat burning and weight loss, Omega 7 also boasts a number of other positive benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Lowered cholesterol levels; both LDL and HDL
  • A decrease in inflammation
  • Promotes cardiovascular and digestive health
  • An improvement in blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Reduced hunger

For someone looking to lose weight, having something that reduces your appetite (in a safe way, of course) is key. Since studies show that Omega 7 can reduce someone’s appetite, this should be one of the main selling points for the product. The whole point of a diet, after all, is to eat less and therefore, fewer calories. When you reduce how many calories you take in, you will lose weight. When choosing a diet, make sure it’s one that is sensible and devoid of drastic measures. Crash and fad diets do more harm than good to your body and weight loss goals.

This is one of the most fundamental ways people lose weight and have been successful at it. You can still lose weight even if you don’t exercise if you are consuming below-maintenance calories. However, exercise helps you burn more calories and in turn, more weight!

Additionally, Ultra Omega Burn claims that the product can offer cosmetic benefits as well. Many of these advantages involve the skin. According to Ultra Omega Burn, users should expect to see fewer wrinkles, elimination of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema, and an improvement in their hair and nails.

More research needs to be done to support these claims; however, based on the research for Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, these are plausible. Omega 7 is supposed to improve collagen in the skin. Omega 3 and 6 have seen significant research on them and are popular because of their proven and established benefits. Omega 7 just isn’t as mainstream yet, and when more extensive research on the fatty acid is completed, we should all have a better understanding of its perks.

Who Should Use Ultra Omega Burn?

 Since this product is geared towards weight-loss, people who are concerned about their weight should check out Ultra Omega Burn. The user does not necessarily need to be overweight or obese either. Someone can still be proactive about their weight and enjoy this supplement. As mentioned above, Ultra Omega Burn provides many other health benefits rather than just being an effective fat burner.

People who are also interested in their general health and well-being should also use Ultra Omega Burn. Besides fat loss, there are many health benefits to taking Omega 7, such as the ones listed in the previous section.

Others who might be interested in this product are those who are only interested in natural products. Ultra-Omega Burn claims to have the purest version of palmitoleic acid available commercially.

It is important that the fat burner is made of the highest grade ingredient possible to prevent any form of contamination and chances of side effects.

Besides eating from the direct food source, this is about as pure and natural as it gets. With the rise of so many supplements out there, and some containing less desirable ingredients and side-effects, it is no wonder that people are seeking the most natural ones.

Many weight-loss pills might contain drugs, like amphetamine. These drugs can potentially be dangerous and addicting. With Ultra Omega Burn, you should not experience many, if any, side-effects. It is safe, and it comes from a natural ingredient.

Lastly, those who like convenience and ease-of-use will definitely be pleased with this product. Unlike some Omega-3 and 6 supplements, which often make you take multiple soft-gels with each meal throughout the day, you only need to take one soft-gel of Ultra Omega Burn per day.

Some of the soft-gels that some supplements are difficult to swallow, and requiring multiple throughout the day can make it a chore. Having the required dose in just one soft-gel is probably why they also say Ultra Omega Burn is the most potent form of palmitoleic acid on the market. Having to take just one-per-day removes the need to think about your next dose, so it makes it easier to keep up with supplementation and receiving the optimum amount.

 The Pros & Cons of Ultra Omega Burn

This product contains more pros than cons, to be straightforward. However, the specifics for each of these will be listed out for you to read.


  • It is a natural supplement.
  • It has scientific research backing its fat-loss claims
  • If for whatever reason the product does not do what it is designed to do for the user, the company provides a 365-day money back guarantee.
  • It has no reported side-effects.
  • It is easy to use; just one soft-gel per day is all that you need.


 More research needs to be done on its other health benefit claims. But based on Omega 3 or Omega 6 health benefits, some of these can be possible.

  • This product can only be purchased online.
  • The website’s author over-hypes the product, making it seem like a miracle drug, which can lead to false expectations for people. Everyone is different, and not everyone will respond the same to a product.

One thing that should be mentioned, and that may or may not be a con, is the product’s price. Ultra-Omega Burn does offer bulk pricing, but that doesn’t do much for the users who are just finding out about it and want to try it out for just a month or two. A month’s supply of Ultra Omega Burn is $49.95 a month. This price might be considered expensive for some, or it might not be a big deal. That is ultimately up to you.

However, with some supplements, it’s best to give them a chance for at least a few months so you can make the decision if it is truly right for you. In that case, you can purchase the 3-month supply for $119.95 and still save some money. At the end of the day, if it just doesn’t live up to your expectations, the 365-day refund is there for you.


While this product is definitely marketed to those who want to lose weight with a natural supplement, it does not leave out those who are interested in getting more out of it. Omega-7 can offer a number of health benefits, like its cousins Omega 3 and Omega 6, but we still need a better understanding of what it is fully capable of through more research.

With proper dosing, and because it is a natural ingredient, it is safe for people to use, unlike many other fat-burning supplements on the market which can contain harmful ingredients. If inflammation is an issue for you, and it prevents you from exercising to lose weight, this might be the next best thing for now. You should see some weight-loss through how Omega-7 is supposed to work, such as reducing hunger and enabling fat-burning mechanics.

Since the product is supposed to reduce inflammation, you actually might be able to start exercising slowly like walking in the future! Exercising, dieting, and using a fat-loss supplement is one of the most efficient ways to reach weight-loss goals. Keeping this in mind, using a supplement like Ultra Omega Burn is a good place to start, and hopefully, you will see the results that you want! If you want to try this fat-burning supplement, you can purchase it from here.

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Warren Scott - June 1, 2018

I am 61 years young and have been unable to excersize for about 3 years. I decided to try Ultra Omega Burn because I was unable to lose any weight. At this point I was 296 pounds. After taking this product for approximately 6 months I have lost 80 lb I’m currently weighing in at 215.6 lbs. That is with no excersize and any doet change was only due to not being hungry. I have attributed my lack of appetite to Ultra Omega Burn also. Not sure if it will work for you but it sure has worked for me. You just have to take it once a day, everyday and quit thinking about losing weight. It works. Thank you UMB!

    Kelly H. - August 19, 2018

    Hi Warren. My apologies for the late reply. I’m glad it’s working out for you.
    All the best in your weight loss journey.

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